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Forge a Path to Sustainability for your Organization

Sustainability is now a key driver of business innovation. Business leaders are increasingly understanding the need to develop sustainable practices that foster new growth and generate enhanced economic, social, and environmental outcomes.

The Sustainability Leadership: Innovation for Growth program delivers strategic frameworks that can help you build a case for sustainability initiatives and successfully lead them in your organization.

Key Takeaways

At the end of this 6-week virtual e-learning program, you will be able to:

  • Explain how to use sustainability as a source of innovation to drive new growth and generate enhanced economic, social, and environmental outcomes

  • Describe how to improve the overall governance of leadership and teams

  • Outline the steps involved in attracting, retaining, and growing employees, customers, and suppliers

  • Articulate the impact of sustainability on profitability

Program Curriculum

Sustainability Action Playbook

The virtual e-learning program features a sustainability playbook where you can note initiatives that could be implemented in your organization and use them to work through related exercises in each module. Example exercises include:

  • Review a list of sustainable development goals (SDGs), and determine 3 initiatives your organization might be best able to address.

  • Use the triple-layered business model canvas to identify opportunities to integrate sustainability into your organization.

  • Conduct a stakeholder analysis: identify and map stakeholders, and develop a stakeholder engagement plan.

Key Framework: The Triple-Layered Business Model Canvas

A key framework of the Sustainability Leadership: Innovation for Growth program is the Triple-Layered Business Model Canvas, a tool that's designed to help create more sustainable business models. The 3 “layers” include:

  • The economic layer (based on the original Business Model Canvas development tool)

  • The environmental layer (life cycle perspective)

  • The social layer (stakeholder perspective)

The canvas can help business leaders develop a clearer understanding of the interrelationship between these 3 aspects of their business model.

Exploring Sustainability Through Real-World Examples

The virtual e-learning program highlights a broad range of real-world sustainability case examples, including:


Tesla and Uber

Going green as a business advantage



Customer value proposition and business model they created



Sustainable Living Plan



Efforts to achieve a carbon-negative output



Innovation and leadership


Starbucks and Chevron

Impact of their focus on mission, vision, and values

Program Experience




Discussion Boards






Sustainability Playbook


Capstone Project

Capstone Project

Each week, you’ll develop potential initiatives related to that week's content and note them in your playbook. Near the end of the 6-week virtual e-learning program, you’ll use your accumulated findings to complete a final capstone project. This will involve:

  • Looking back on the initiatives you've developed each week and prioritizing them

  • Developing an execution plan for your top-priority initiative

  • Having your initiative reviewed by program leaders and receiving their feedback

Program Faculty


Executive-in-Residence at The Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto

Mr. Blundell has over 35 years of senior executive management and consulting experience in the global environmental services and technology sectors. His experience includes op...

ROT-SUST - WALID HEJAZI Testimonial Image

Associate Professor of International Business at The Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto

Walid Hejazi is an Associate Professor of Economic Analysis and Policy, and Academic Director at The Rotman School of Management. He has researched, advised, and testified ext...



Upon successful completion of the 6-week virtual e-learning program, you’ll earn a digital certificate of completion from The Rotman School of Management. This program counts toward a Rotman Excellence in Executive Leadership Certificate.

The Ontario Student Assistance Program is offering financial assistance to Ontario residents

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